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Battlefield Chess


Chess. It's been around for centuries, played by medieval kings, and me. But I'm not a medieval king. And, most probably neither are you. But this set changes all that. With your army of Pawns, Rooks, Bishops, Knights, and your King and Queen, battle your opponent on a desolate battle field, while the Skeleton Armies clash around the Tower and the Cave. The Pawns all feature Helmets, the Rooks feature turrets, the horses have head(ish) things, the Queen has Flowing hair, the King his Crown, and The Bishops, well, they have flowing mowhawks. The tower has:

  •  Ladders
  • A skeleton king
  • a skeleton warrior
  • a crumbling turret
  • a cup

The Cave has

  • A well built, removable roof
  • A stash of Gold and diamonds
  • An opening in the back to access the interior

Yes, this set will take you (or at least your mind) to the medieval times, where you can battle it out with your best friend, or perhaps your worst enemy. But either way, this set will bring you happiness as you crush your foes. If you support it. So support it. And if you don't? Well, I can promise you, your worst enemy might *gasp* beat you in your first game.


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