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Farmers Market and Pottery


~~On your next trip to the city visit this market to buy your food, see a working pottery and buy a souvenir of your visit.

This model is inspired by the market house in Ross-on-Wye in Wales. The ground floor, upstairs and roof are modular sections. The design is compatible with other lego creator modular models and includes a pavement.

Downstairs is the market which includes stalls to buy bread and cakes, meat, fruit & vegetables, fish, cheese and wine. Outside the market you rest on a bench, buy a newspaper from a street seller and there is construction work being done on the pavement – although the builders are having a break and a cup of tea.

Upstairs you can follow the complete production cycle in a pottery. This starts with the clay store, shaping and carving the clay on either a potters wheel or a table, and on to a storage rack before firing. Glazes may be put on at this table before firing. Next is firing in the hot kiln (shown open so that you can see inside) and finally painting and on to the finished product shelves. There is also a sales and information desk and a display cabinet for special items.

On the roof is a four sided clock tower and a weather vane.

Dimensions – the model is on two 32x32 base plates, there are 18 minifigs and overall the model has 2844 pieces.

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