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Comet Gas and Spacestop


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Welcome to Comet gas and spacestop!
Flying through space can deplete your fuel supply. So why not stop at Comet gas station?
Comet is currecntly floating around space, and it's a spacestop for small spaceships. Run by it's subatomic graphene reaction bearing, it has enough fuel to last years sell some, via it's fuel dispenser. It's a great place to stop if you want to stretch your legs, and it has a little shop for if you are running low on supplies (Don't forget milk this time). It also has rentable tools, and if you're no rocket scientist, the mechanic will be happy to help. He has a cramped but comfortable living quarters in the back of the ship. The big sign on the top and the little one floating nearby should help let people know there's a spacestop nearby.
This was originally built for the Moon to Mars contest but was not approved, I think because it wasn't enough like a spaceship.
Special thanks to HiddenBricker for the last render.

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