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Candy Cottage (Hansel and Gretel)

This is a set for the Mythic Fantasy World Series that I am proposing.
This set is from Hansel and Gretel, and is of the witches Candy Cottage. It comes with Hansel, Gretel, and the Witch. I originally wanted this to be a small set, but as I worked on it is grew in size to what it is now ( it was going to be a $20 set, and now it's closer to $35 or $40).

For this one, most of the colors line up right, though I wish there was a translucent purple 1x1 round flat/plate for the gumdrop lines walkway (I used Neon green in it's place). and that there were more colors for the 1x1 round smooth flats used on the house. I used the translucent orange, green and red one (the clear, silver and gold ones don't work for this), but it would have been nice for a few more colors to use.

The top of the roof comes off if the roof needs to open more, but it does not have to to open the cottage. The inside is mostly the witches kitchen, with a large oven at the back (cake and cake stand are it in, but can be removed to fit the witch). There is a small table with potions on it (or ingredients), a sink area and cupboards, and a sleeping couch for the witch. There is also a cauldron for her to mix things (candy or potions). She even has a kitten that runs around the house.

I would have added in more Popsicles, but I only have the one.

entrance way, with potions (or ingredients) and opposite is the bed/couch area.

The kitchen with sink and cupboards, cauldron and large oven.

oven door open, there is a cake backing on the cake rack.

how the candy cottage opens. More pictures will come.

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