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Medieval Castle

The set you see is inspired by the concentric castles of the thirteenth century, with rounded towers to better resist the blows of the catapults and trebuchets (2.621 total parts).

We have the keep whitewashed as was the custom at the time, surrouded by a wall equipped with towers and an entrance protected by a drawbridge, a door and two high watchtowers.

The set is completed by the diorama of a farmer and a cow breeder at work.

The Castle is inspired by maximum realism and above all and as always by maximum playability (if you don't play with minifigures you'll only have half fun!).

There are many noteworthy details, let me mention the fireplace of the keep, inspired by that of Dover Castle, the access stairs to all the levels, the dungeon, the beautifully designed beds, the well, the blacksmith, the lord's horse stable, the chicken farm, and last but not least the chapel (for the chains of the two drawbridges, two thick woolen cords are enough.

I have included fewer soldiers and more inhabitants, more greenery, more animals, I hope I have satisfied as many people as possible.

Thanks to all those who will support the project.

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