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People Of History


Take an exciting trip through the past with five historical minifigures from various centuries! Leaping from their book’s pages, these ancient people are ready to entertain and educate their owners. This 711 piece set includes:

A green history book that contains portraits of various world leaders…

Cleopatra: Standing in front of a pyramid, under the shade of a palm tree and a sarcophagus.

Alexander the Great: Riding a horse with a spear and a shield.

Julius Caesar: In front of the Roman coliseum, with a gold cup.

Leif Erickson: Riding in a Norse longboat.

Queen Elizabeth I: Standing in front of her castle, scepter in hand. Castle is decorated with golden shields with crests on the outside and silver crossed swords inside.

I have tried to stay very accurate in my depictions of these people in their minifigures. I think this would be a good set because it features historical characters some people probably haven’t heard of, and it might inspire people to research them and find out more. So this set will encourage imagination and information. If you enjoy it, please vote. Let me know any changes you think I should make.


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