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Exploration Compass

The creation I have built is a space exploration vehicle. The reason why I decided to build it was because I like anything that has to do with space and vehicles and flying space objects and it gave me inspiration. I also believe this would make a great LEGO set because kids could have fun with the little space vehicle. Also the details and play features are that it has a camera attached on the front like the space rover that takes pictures of Mars. Also it has two sphere tires on the right. On the roof of the vehicle, it's got a compass on the top so, for pretend, kids could pretend that there was a sign of life on Mars. It also represents a signal and wifi. It also sends communications with the spinning antenna to the people on Earth. It also has two guns on the left side for pretend. It's got one chain saw, a shovel, and a wrench. On the back side, it has futuristic lights. On the back, it has a tow hitch. Also on the back it has a fake electric reader. On the back top of the vehicle it has an air vent so the electric engine can breath and get cold air. On the top of the vehicle too it's got pretend solar panels. Also the camera on the front of the vehicle can move left, right, down, up, and more.
It's got an electric engine in the middle back of the vehicle. It can also hold three minifigures or two minifigures. It has four wheels. It also has a steering wheel inside and two cabinets for storage. It also has headlights on the front and a bumper and some windows on it too.

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