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Sandwich Shop

This is a sandwich shop. It has approximately 1400 pieces and comes with 3 minifigures (and two cat pieces). Like my keyboard store project, it is based on buildings that I photographed in Europe over the summer of 2019. 

First Floor
The first floor is the sandwich shop itself. Inside is a kitchen with a griddle, a refrigerator, and a sink. The kitchen has a small door as well as a large window, both of which lead to the dining area, which has a tiled floor, two booth tables, and a regular table. All the tables already have sandwiches on them (presumably for customers, but it wasn't really logical to put so many customer minifigures in the project, so they aren't included). There are also many awards that the restaurant has won hung on the wall.

Second Floor
The second floor is an apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. There is also a small table for the resident to eat at. The bathroom has a bathtub and a toilet. The kitchen has a big refrigerator, a sink, an oven, and a stove. The bedroom has a bed (obviously) and a small set of drawers. Also, attached to the bottom of the second floor is the sign for the sandwich shop below.

Third Floor
The third floor apartment is a lot more cramped than the second floor apartment. For one thing, there's no space for a separate bedroom, so the resident's bed sits out in the open. There is also no space for an actual bathtub, so there is a shower instead (albeit a decently roomy one). The kitchen has a much smaller fridge and not too much preparation space. This apartment also has a small table for the resident to eat at, but this one has a mirror in front of the table since there isn't enough space for it to be near the sink.

There are three minifigures in this project. The one in overalls (on the left in the picture) is a chef in the restaurant. The middle minifigure (the woman) is quite obviously rather enthusiastic about the color red, and is a customer in the sandwich shop. She is so hungry, in fact, that rather than just eat the one sandwich on her plate in the restaurant itself, she decided she needs to order another one, as evident by the sandwich in her hand! The last minifigure is presumably a resident of one of the apartments, and it is clear by the cats at his side that he is a cat owner. Perhaps he is one of those Internet stars who likes to post pictures and videos of his cats (or, rather, the cats are Internet stars).

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