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Architecture Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt Skyline


I live near Frankfurt, and lately I have discovered more and more the love for the LEGO architecture series.

So it was natural for me to build a Frankfurt skyline in the style of the architecture series.

Frankfurt, with it's many skyscrapers, is unique in Europe with it's skyline.

Last year, 6 million guests visited Frankfurt, including 2.5 million foreign guests.

Every two weeks, I spend several hours in the LEGO store at the Pick a Brick wall.

During this time, I get to know how many of these foreign guests also visit the LEGO store.

I think, not only for these guests, it would be nice to take the architecture set "Frankfurt Skyline" as a souvenir home.

Frankfurt is located in the middle of Germany, in the heart of Europe!

I reconstructed the Frankfurt Skyline from a total of 600 bricks.


The following landmarks are represented:

Europaturm – The tallest building in Frankfurt (331m) and one of the tallest buildings in Germany.

Messeturm  – The building is a 256,5m high office tower.

                       The building looms like a pencil in the sky, and is the landmark of the fair.

Commerzbank Tower – At 259m, the highest skyscraper in Germany, and one of the highest skyscraper of                                            Europe.

                                   The building was built in an environmentally friendly way, it has nine internal gardens

                                      And is the architectural landmark of Frankfurt

Römer– The "Römer" has been the town hall of the city of Frankfurt am Main since the 15th century,

             and is one of their landmarks.

Eiserner Steg – The Eiserner Steg is a pedestrain bridge over the Main since 1868.

Henninger Turm - The "Henninger Tower" was a grain silo and lookout tower of a German brewery.
                          From 2014 to 2017, a 140-meter-high residential tower was built on the property as the                                    new Henninger Tower, which roughly follows the appearance of the old tower.


Thank you for your interest, and if you like my work, please support this project!

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