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Scarecrow in Field

Halloween is approaching. It is one of my favourite times of the year. The scarecrow has special meaning for me. It is actually not scary in my eyes; it just brings that spooky mood that many of us like. This small set was made with the motivation to bring a little bit of this spooky atmosphere to your room, or on your shelves. I painted his face to make him not so "incognito". In a real set, the nice sticker can be used. I tried to build a field that represents my idea of fall with a wide range of colours. The spider on his chest adds a bit more atmosphere, and the crows on his arms are very typical elements connected to scarecrows. Initially he had no hair, but my wife took two flames from my LEGO brick boxes and it has brought so much more life to the set. So I am happy that every time I look at it, there is also a little touch of my wife hidden in it. I believe that this set can bring a lot of joy to people that like the spooky atmosphere of this time, and I believe that some of them would keep it on the shelves during the whole year :)

You can see the building process here: Click here to see the video

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