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Brickheadz Chess


This is a chess-set that uses brickheadz figures as the chess figures. The figures are mono-coloured except for the eyes; the heads of the knights and the crowns of the kings and queens. The board is 48x48 studs in size with each square 6x6 studs in size. Each type of piece is distictive: Pawns use standard brickheadz design; Rooks have hats shaped like the tops of towers; Knights have a grey/silver head to represent their helmet; Bishops have the iconic hats of actual biships; Queens have a gold colour on top their head; and Kings have a gold crown.

I decided to create this because it seemed like an unusual idea for a chess set. I think this would make a good set because it's a spin on a classic game.

This project consists of 2239 pieces.

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