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The Gold Office


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A long wish was to build the "Goudkantoor" (dutch for Gold Office) in LEGO! The Building is one of the most famous buildings from Groningen - The Netherlands. The building was built in 1635 and got it's name from the people of Groningen because the gold and silver was tested en branded here. The Gold Office had a lot of different functions in it's almost 400 years. It was a Tourist office, a museum and the last 20 years it is a restaurant.

The building is build in typical Dutch renaissance style and 17th century Groningen style. Because of this real Dutch style, the building is adapted by a big Dutch airline as an Porcelain bottle for it's passengers.

It would be a great set and I think It could be a Great modular building.

Pleas support the Gold Office (goudkantoor) and let it happen!



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