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Gothic Castle


The Gothic Castle

What is it ?

Is a continental castle of sixteenth century (1500).

Why did you build it ?

I like the history of the fortifications and the ages of pirates.

And Why do you believe this would make a great Lego set ?

Because it can please both fans of medieval castles and pirate enthusiasts, and no one has ever built a similar fortified castle.

But let’s go into detail: we have a reinforced entrance door with the family crest embossed defended by mighty towers and ramparts.

On the ramparts 4 cannons are placed and the defences are completed by the tower-fortress-residence of the Count.

Each tower has a function, there is the blacksmith’s tower, the soldier’s refreshment tower, the tower with prison, the tower with the well.

The Count’s tower on the ground floor houses the armory, on the first floor the study with a Renaissance wardrobe, a table with a map of the territory and the Count’s chest.

On the second floor the royal bedroom and on the third floor the battlements and lookout.

Inside the ramparts (under the cannons) there are 4 warehouses with supplies.

It’s a well-proportioned and modular castle, thanks to the hinges it can be opened and the Count’s tower can also be positioned as a second access to the castle.

No too many pieces have been used, the project is very achievable in my opinion.

Thanks to everyone who will support the project.

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