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Great Plateau Faceoff - Link vs Guardian


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This set is based on the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch. This fantastic game has been a standout and a huge proponent for my love of games as a whole. Due to this, I decided that for my first Ideas set, I would try to make something related to it. So, with that said, this set is based on fights with a specific kind of menacing enemy from the game. Being the Guardian, which poses a huge challenge to players in the starting area of the Great Plateau. This really simple diorama illustrates how a fight would go for a beginning player against this mechanical beast.

This fantastic custom build took a while and after seeing the love given to the recently released Horizon: Zero Dawn Tallneck set, I believe a line of video game based dioramas would make for great sets. Which, of course, includes this one as part of it. If anything, it'll draw even more LEGO fans in as a Zelda set could open the door to a brand-new fan base.

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