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RC Pokibot

In 2018 when I was 17 years old, I discovered Pokibots. I played with them. In 2018, I collected all 6 Pokibots of the first wave. In 2020, I collected 6 pokibots of the second wave. In 2024, I collected the white Pokibot with pink style. I got all 13 Pokibots.

Pokibots are portable robots from Silverlit Robot. They are released in 2016. There are 13 Pokibots. The original Pokibot wave includes circle faced Pokibots including orange, green and white, and square faced Pokibots including purple, blue and white. The second wave includes white circle faced Pokibots including yellow style, red style and purple style, and white square faced Pokibots including yellowish orange style, blue style and green style. The last wave includes only a white circle faced Pokibot with pink style. They have circle heads and the other ones have square heads. Pokibots have wheels and arms. They can record any sound. First, you press the record button, then, record a sound. They can run on the floor. They can play music and dance. You can carry them by hooking on bags or more, because they are portable robots.

What is it?: It is a remote controlled toy. It is orange. It has poseable arms. It has wheels. It also has power functions. It is motorized. It has a remote control. You can control it using the remote. You can play with it. It is like a car.

Why did you build it?: I built it because I want to promote Pokibot.

Why do you believe this would make a great set?: It would make a great set for kids to enjoy and collect.

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