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Overcooked: The LEGO Morsel


What is it?

Onion King 
Onion King is the ruler of the Onion Kingdom, he accidentally summons the Unbread and calls upon the chefs/players to help him defeat them. Without the Onion King there would be no overcooked. His face would be a printed piece.

The Flag 
In order to complete both Overcooked and Overcooked 2 you will need to get three stars on every level, so I have included this to allow another aspect of the game to represented in the set. Of course, you can take stars off if you haven’t done so well in your play though of the level.

The Chef 
The Chef, an essential part of any kitchen. I chose cardboard box chef as they are iconic and distinctive, in what other game do you get a chef with a cardboard box for a head? I used two layers of 1x2 plates instead of traditional minifigure legs as the chefs in the game have very small legs.          
The Kitchens 
Sushi City
In the game, sushi kitchens will be some of the first that players will come across. The three ingredients needed to make sushi are, nori, fish and rice, all included in the set. The cooking method on these levels is boiling in a pot. The floor is a tiled design with a grid, matching the game’s style, there is a small rat in the corner, watch it doesn’t steal your food!

Roasted Resort 
My personal favourite theme, roasted resort, which takes place on a beach/island had to be included in the set. Ingredients used in this level are banana and strawberry, which have both been included. The blue smoothie maker ensures all smoothies taste delicious. This kitchen also includes a sink and dirty glasses in a crate. The small dog in the corner represents Kevin, Onion King’s buddy and whom the secret levels are named after. 

Ravenous Rapid
This kitchen is set on a floating raft. In this level meal options include chicken and chips (potato), which both feature in the set. The method of cooking in here is deep fat frying, which seems to have gone wrong as there is a fire in the kitchen, quick grab the (included) fire extinguisher. There is a wood and rope border around the edge of the kitchen with a lilly pad featured on the outside, in the water.

All kitchens 
All Kitchens also feature:
  • Chopping boards.
  • Ingredient boxes with removable (printed/sticker) lids. 
  • Bins, essential for removing burnt or ruined dishes.
  • Ticket stand, make sure you serve those dishes in order. 
  • Serving hatch, players wouldn’t be able to score points without them. 

Why did I build it / Why do I think it would make a great set? 
I built this because I love playing Overcooked and I know a lot of other people do too. I think it would have great appeal to people of all ages. The small number of pieces in the set, around 350, should make it affordable for most people. The set is perfect for display but importantly has everything you need to recreate scenes from the popular video from the ingredients and ticket display right through to the serving hatch. Let the chaos ensue. 

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