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Steve Urkel transformation chamber

Steve Urkel transformation chamber was designed by Petar Ramljak (by my self)

Family Matters is one of the most recognizable and one of the best sitcoms in the world.

Steve Urkel is one of the most recognizable sitcom characters ever,

He is very clumsy and that's why we love him.

This set has 101 pieces + 1 minifigure (Steve Urkel)

This set includes:
Small desk with 2 experiment bottles
Transformation chamber with a lots of details

The reason why Stefan isn't in this set,is because that's pretty much the same character,only with different torso,and without glasses.

If You want Stefan in this set also,let me know in the comments,and I will include him later.

If this set gets a lots of votes,I will keep making Family Matters sets.

I have in plan:
Steve Urkel car
Winslow house

And a lot of more.

Better look from the side of Transformation chamber:
It has small hand,when You pull it down,You decide about Steve and Stefan
Big blur transparent piece where You put experiment liquid from bottles
Printed piece where is Steve/Stefan
Big wheel
And 2 more roundish printed pieces

Better look from the front,where is chemistry sign and big handle if You move it up,door will open

Opened doors,and place for Steve Urkel to fit inside.

Family Matters will be great opportunity to see in our favorite toys,and there will be a lot of fun building these projects.

Please check my other creations from our favorite TV sitcoms.

Hope You like this project,and You want it to be in Your collection.

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