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UP House

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Since UP is one of my girlfriend (and I of course) favorite Disney Film, I want to share with you my personal MOC of the so beloved "Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen House".

Here are some features which I'm sure will make you love this set:

  1. the project counts 2999 pieces;
  2. it's very colorful: dark orange, lime, pink, medium blue, yellow, orange...;
  3. the model can be split in 3 modular blocks so that you can see the inner furniture;
  4. it's simply wonderful to be built! =)

This modular blocks feature has been the most difficult to create, since the house is not regular and has many walls on the inside; moreover, the outer walls are made with a lot of tiles in order to re-create the "wood effect" of the original house... but after 3 beta-tests, I'm glad to present you (in collaboration, I hope, with Disney Pixar Animation Studios)....


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