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Austrian Sausage Bar


Welcome to the Wurst Bar in the Lego City!  And no, it's not the “worst” bar you've ever been to.  This restaurant only sells sausages and drinks, so be prepared for the question, "Would you like a sausage side dish with your sausage?" because the cook isn’t versed in any other dishes.  Even so, the Austrian Sausage Bar is the place to be for all seven meals* of the day, even dessert (if you don't mind sausage).  Just make sure to place your reservation; this place isn’t prepared for a flock of folk.

This fine establishment is outfitted with a small rectangular pond of flowers, a rock, as well as a small tree jutting out from the stone located on the front stoop of the building.  A crimson awning protrudes from above the door as a welcome greeting.  The restaurant also proudly displays its name 'Wurst' in red lettering beneath the Austrian Flag.  A great plus, the sidewalk just outside the building aligns with those of the modular building series.

Stepping into the single room that the bar inhabits, each minifigure is greeted with a spotted white floor and a pianist playing ragtime, or whatever piece sports the occasion, on an upright piano.  The single room is burnished by lanterns on the ceiling and lights displaying plants by the entrance, as well as a barrel vaulted extrusion that spans along the rooftop, letting natural rays of sun dance among the patrons.  Two tables occupy the left half of the bar, with a small counter area where the cook can be seen preparing the sausage.  The counter area is equipped with a grill, cup rack with drink dispenser, and even tea leaves hanging from above.

Out behind the building is a quaint plant-covered awning, with a lamp hanging down from the outcropping.  Below is an area for the garbage cans, styled after the bar's interior.  The back of the restaurant can also be employed for the delivery man to drop off his payload of goods, operating his classic styled automobile.

Even small, the bar fits in tastefully with the Modular Building series, if a somewhat considerable difference in height can be overlooked.  Fortunately, the building can also work as a shelf model or standalone structure.

Thank you for your support!  Happy building!

Minifigures included:

  • Two Sausage Bar employees

  • One male patron

  • Two female patrons

  • One delivery man

Also one cat and a rat.

*Those would be breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper.


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