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Villa Saint-Tropez


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This idea is a beautiful villa. It is a modern construction. It combines stone and white modern walls. The house has many windows to get a lot of light. So, rooms are really bright. The building has about 2500 pieces unfurnished. But it is furnished so the real number of pieces is about 2900. Thanks to the large number of pieces, you can see great details. Plants around the villa are typical from South of France and French Riviera. There is a nice work about stone walls. Stones are colorful. Outside, you can find a great infinity pool from where a small river goes. There is around the pool and the house, a path which starts from the deck. It continue in sand around the pool, then it goes in the river of the infinity pool to arrive at the house entrance.

On the first floor you can see the entrance with a mat, a large den with the nice fireplace, a room and a bathroom. The large den is the space below the stairs. There are in this den a beige sofa and a coffee table with a mug and a newspaper on it, and a plant. Then, in the room, there are a white and grey queen size bed, a carpet and a picture on the wall. Finally, the bathroom has a shower, a WC, a piece of furniture with a washbasin, and a mirror on the wall.

The second floor is a large living room. There are also two terraces. You can see a modern kitchen with a coffee machine and a mug. There is also a small soap next to the sink. Near the kitchen is a table and three stools. Then, there are two white sofas, a glass coffee table with a cellphone on it, a carpet, and a piece of furniture with a large TV screen. On the first terrace is a table with two glasses and a champagne bottle. You can also find two modern white seats and plant with flowers. On the second one, are two white modern sofa. The main piece of this terrace is its fire table.

This villa is the perfect place to have a good time.

Finally, I have named the villa "Saint-Tropez" to make think of the south of France, the Mediterranean sea, all its beautiful landscape, to make think of the sun, the holidays, all nice and modern villas along French Riviera.

I think this idea could be a really nice Lego Ideas set ! Thanks for support !


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