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San Francisco Trolley Car


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What inspired this project:

A fellow LEGO Ideas participant, Twiggy9997, gave me the idea to build a replica of one of the San Francisco Cable Cars when I asked him what I should build for a future project. Thank you so much! Now, here it is. :-D

Project description:

This project is 897 pieces. It includes a cable car, of course, as well as a display stand specifically built for it. The bogies for the cable car have two 2x2 square holes, which is why there are four 2x2 columns on the display stand. The bogies not only have side-to-side mobility, but also up-and-down movement for inclines such as the ones in San Francisco. Inside the cable car are two pairs of seating rows. One pair has a têt-à-têt (head-to-head) arrangement, while another pair has a face-to-face arrangement. There is also a small deck in the back, with gates that cannot open on the sides. Also, there are several railings in which passengers can hold on to.

Just a (few) quick-question(s):

As you can see, this project lacks minifigures. What's a cable car without passengers? Oh--that wasn't the question. Here's my question: What kind of passengers would be most suited for this project? Should I implement business men and women, tourists, regular passengers, or all of the above?


Thank you all so much for checking out this project! If you have any suggestions, opinions, or anything else you want to tell me about this project, please tell me about them in the comments. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Project by Joseph cheeseinthepie. Built on 9/5/2019. Submitted on 9/10/2019.

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