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Knight Castle


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Hear Ye! Hear Ye, this is my new idea called Knight's Castle, it has a total of 1,557 bricnks and pieces. It has three parts that make this Knight's castle a spectular sensation for everyone. Here is the first part of the castle cement  light gray bricks to start the Knight's Castle. The second part is the dark gray stone brick wall of the Knight's castle. 

Inside the back wall of the Knight's castle you have a jailhouse with gray roof, a jail door that opens, a chain and ball on the floor of the jail, a knight guardsmen outside the jail, next to it a wall, next to that a wooden door, and frame, inside that you have a bedroom on the left with knight maid, two beds and two marroon blankets, on the right side dining room with two wooden tables and chairs, a knight waiter with tray, and two goblets,

In the middle you have two red chairs, King and Queen, two Gold Crowns, a Joker, a wooden dance floor in the middle of the Knight Castle.

In the front side of the Knight Castle you have a bow room with two knights and bows, on the other side you have a sword room with two knights with swords. 

On the outside of the Knight Castle you have a Dark Green, Silver, Dark green flag with flag pole on the middle of the castle roof, you have two knights in armor with two crossbows, two knights with battle axes.  Plenty of space on top to move the knights.

I built this because I have always wanted to build a castle that would be appropiate for all ages and would be fun for everyone to play with.  It is a great way to use your imagination. If you like my idea please tell family and friends about my idea. Please feel free to share with everyone and Thanks! Have a Great Day


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