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Lego Friends Internet Coffee House


This Lego Friends Internet Coffee House is a brand new place to hang out with friends after work or after school!!! You can see the coffee mug advertisement from the far. Find your seats for the ideal count of people for you - For date? Work meeting? Family day off? - and just relax in luxury sofa. You can be inside if it's cold, or outside in a warm day, it's on you. Taste some delicious cakes or homemade cookies with a coffee sunday with whipped cream. Don't worry that you will be late on your way - you can always check your time on the clock in the big mug. You can also hang out here if you're in hurry - just stop your car next to the order window and offer some fresh-baked pies, wrapped in the box especially for you, and grab some coffee to-go. Staff of the Coffee House has the entrance in  the back of the building, entering the kitchen. The Internet Coffee House offers exquisite services and comfort, fresh goods and coffee de luxe - all in one.

All in the brown, beige and white!

Anyone for a trip to the Internet Coffee House now?


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