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Brickheadz Animals


This set of 3 Brickheadz animals are an adorable addition to the Brickheadz family. The Green Aligator, The Black Pig, and the Magicial Llama complete with a magicians top hat and cape. These cute characters have their own unique feel, while still are familiar enough to be recognized as Lego Brickhedz. 

Lego is a lot of fun, and it's a great way to bond with people. My son and I love to play lego, and when I had the idea to build animal Brickheadz, he was happy to build them with me. Lego has the power to unlock so much creativity.

I think this set of 3 Brickheadz (most likely sold individually) would be great for both adults and kids. Who doesn't love animals?

Thanks for your support!

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