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Medieval Castle and Markets




It's market day in the kingdom and inside the castle walls are people trading goods and trying to make a profit, as wells as animals roaming around. Use the gears to bring down the drawbridge and then take your mini figures inside to get a taste of life in medieval Europe. Inside are the markets, the battlements, the keep which is inside the castle tower, the stables, one holding cell, and the castle itself. Maybe you will make the king a meal, have a battle, or have one of the villagers tried and punished. You can even make your own scene of what medieval times were like on a market day inside the castle walls, be sure towatch out for all the roaming animals. 

This set is historically accurate as wells as good for kids and adults of any age due to the various features, it's  fun to build and the different parts provide a variety of things to do within the set.


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