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Burgers & Fries

The illustration ive made is for lego how to build it.
It is ment for lego to build the bricks looking like this.
They can be created either by lego making the brick or by creating stickers to put on the bricks. ( if they wont, you can print images yourself on sticky paper and put them on the bricks )
The new items are :
Chicken Burger.
Big Burger.
Big Chicken Burger.

Take a PLATE 1X1, ROUND and print 1 of these 2 images on it.
Or create the side as stickers.

How the cheesburger will look in real.
First guy holds how the brick looks like now.
Second guy holds the new brick, or the normal brick with stickers on it.

Green square just shows the FLATE TILE 1x1 ROUND.
Blue square shows if you make a brick thats 2 of them put on top ( to illustrate the size ) then you can make a big burger og big chicken burger. ( lego should build it like like this, But stickers can also be used )
Purple square holds another type of big burger. not just with a burger printet on the brick or stickers, but as a burger brick where it looks and feel more real.
Light blue square is illustration on how to build the fries. ( again, not intended for stickers, but for a single brick looking like this.
The big burger, Big chicken burger and fries. enjoy :D

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