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Adventurers: The Deserted Island

Find out the secrets about the deserted island! This a mysterious abandoned island.

This idea would be a great set for any age! On the island, there is a old building which has been eroded by water for years. Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy found this island and decided to go investigate. There is a hanging skeleton on gallows with blood still dripping from his death. Inside the house, there is a treasure chest with silver, gold, and a mysterious dagger inside. Plants are overtaking the building. A green starfish is laying on the beach outside the building. There is also a frog sitting next to the Dr. Kilroy. The remains of this old, decrepit building still exist today and the location is unknown. 

The characters included are:
- Johnny Thunder
- Dr. Kilroy
- A Bleeding Skeleton
- A Green Starfish
- A Frog

If you want this set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it!!🏚🏝🗺🗾⛏🗡💀🩸🧭🤠

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