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Starchaser Industries' Nova 2 Rocket

What is it?
This is a model of the Nova 2 rocket and her transport.  The rocket is designed to launch a person into space and is undergoing tests in order to achieve that.  She will then be succeeded by a rocket to launch a three-person capsule.
Why did I build it?
Starchaser Industries are based in Hyde, in my home county of Cheshire, and are one of several firms continuing the British space industry independent of HM Government funding, which both amazes and fascinates me.  I have followed their exploits for years and wish to honour their achievements with this build.
Would it make a good LEGO set?
I think anything space-related is usually popular with all ages, so hopefully this should sell (especially amongst us Brits, whose own rockets are like LEGO City scale versions of Cape Canaveral's heyday giants).  It is also a simple build, with regular bricks.

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