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Bing's Plaza


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Welcome to Bing's Plaza, a wonderful place to live, shop, or just play in! In this plaza, we have many fine things to enjoy like a sports goods store and a park right next to it for you to enjoy your outdoor toys and equipment right after you buy them! Do you like art? check out The Street Artist's latest masterpiece or listen to The Street Musician's newest tune! If you're having so much fun that you don't want to leave then why not just live here? There is a quaint apartment building right in the plaza for those who never want the joy to end! I truly hope you enjoy your stay here in Bing's plaza!

I've always wanted to make a modular building but with my own unique spin on the buildings and Minifigures but because I've never had an official Lego modular building this would prove especially difficult. In the end, I think I pulled it off and I hope you all think so too!

This set includes 7 Minifigures and 2993 pieces in total with builds for a sports goods store, an apartment building, and a small park.

If you like this build check out my other projects and if you have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to comment them!

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