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Backgammon Briefcase Set


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When it comes to board games, there is nothing quite like backgammon.  It doesn't come in a cardboard box with cartoon drawings on it.  Instead, it comes in a beautiful leather briefcase, with high quality checker pieces, four dice, a doubling die, and of course to cups that can be used for rolling the dice.  So how is it that this beautiful game has never been made in premium ABS plastic?

Finally, the wait is over, and boy are the Mesopotamians going to be jealous.  Introducing Lego Backgammon, the highest quality backgammon set ever produced.  It still folds up nicely into a briefcase so you can carry it with you.  Whether you are visiting a friend on Babylon, or just bringing it to the kitchen table, you don't need to worry about any of the pieces falling out.  Plus thanks to some technic pins, you can even lock the briefcase so that it doesn't accidentally open and spill onto your kitchen floor.  And of course, it features a classic color scheme.

The board / briefcase is made of 460 bricks.  The die can be built with 8 bricks each, or 7 if you use the old Lego die from the Games line.  The cups are composed of 56 bricks each.  Finally, you have the 30 check pieces, and 3 technic parts for the lock, giving you a grand total of 615 bricks.  The briefcase is approximately 8" x 9" x 4" not including the handle, and the board when opened becomes 8" x 18" x 2".

So what are you waiting for?  Support this set and turn family game night into Lego night as well!

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