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Steampunk plane


Here I tried to combine Lego and Steampunk, keeping the part count below 150. I decided on a base of the Fokker dr1, the plane made famous by the red baron (Manfred von Richthoven) during WWI. After that I decided it should have a lot of moving parts being a steampunk set, so the wheels turn the gears which rotate the machinegun. These are also connected with rubber bands (not visible) to the propellers. 

Should you not be into steampunk the front can be removed and rebuild in a regular Fokker dr1. The rear rudder should be painted white with a black + on it. Note the black + on top of the wings and inside the wheels (as if it was made for it). 

As a surprise there is a hidden chest under the steering mechanism for the pilot and of course a surprise under the dome (rear). Have fun!

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