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The Museum


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This is my museum build, cleverly titled "Lego City Museum". It takes up 64 x 64 studs of space and 2984 pieces.
The front is inspired by various museums around the world, and two banners advertising the current exhibits. It opens up in the middle to reveal the two exhibits. The first one, the ancient egyptian exhibit, containing various relics, artifacts, and references to old lego sets. The second one is the fossil exhibit, with a spinosaurus fossil and pteranodon fossil.
I built because museums are some of the most memorable places you can visit, and I wanted to make a lego build to represent that. Also dinosaurs are very cool.
I think this would make for a great set for most lego fans, the outside and inside are both presentable so it works as a display set, but being able to open it allowing easy access to the interior also makes it a good play set.

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