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Apple Park: One Infinite Loop


Anyone who likes Apple's sleek designs and expert quality can agree: their new headquarters looks amazing. Its functionality and form factor are futureproof and it promotes collaboration like no other office building in the world. As you may or may not know, last March I attempted to get my original design to 10,000 supporters. I fell short, very short. Through some great promotion, I was able to see feedback from both those for and against the idea. Many were in awe and some were not happy with the design. That's why, using this feedback, I tried again! This time, the building is round rather than rigid and paths have been added to the interior. Along with that, a cafeteria area has been created and Steve Jobs Theater's proportions have been improved.

With technology-related (lego) ideas like these, only speceific audiences are interested. The technology audience is very expansive and the only way to show this to many of them is to share this on social media and other platforms. My point is: if you like this and you really, really, want it, it can only happen if you share this with others who feel the same.

Please do not be afraid to give feedback, positive or negative, about this. I appreciate and will consider all feedback given.

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