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Volcano Village


Welcome to Volcano Village, where living is fun and unique. In this village, the houses were built around a small, almost not dangerous volcano. It provides for the village with heat to stay warm, and it is a good sightseeing opportunity to climb up to the top of the volcano. 

There is also a small river crossing the village, making it a fun place to play around for the kids.

The village has its own well, to have fresh clean water all the time. 

I built this model to show my fascination for the world. There are so many unique and beautiful places, we might not all be able to see. But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine being there.

The village has many inhabitant, however I decided to include these 4 in the build:

  • Dad: who provides for the family, and enjoys working around the village

  • Boy: who plays around the river, and want to be a captain one day

  • Girl: who thinks about playing all the time, and plays with her kites

  • Tourist guy: he just had to see this magical place, and making pictures of it

The model was built on a 32x32 baseplate, for now digitally only as I decided to use some color combinations that don't exist yet. It contains 1926 pieces.

Hope you like it, and can support this build. :)

Animation of the build:

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