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LEGO Phineas & Ferb: My Name Is Norm


This is my new LEGO Ideas project. It represents "Norm", the robot created by the evil scientist Doofenshmirtz in the famous cartoon "Phineas & Ferb". The character has hinged legs, hinged arms, hinged feet, hands, and fingers and swivel head. The body is mounted sideways and you can remove it to see the buttons and the central computer at the internal (that in several episodes you see, and I've reproduced). According to my calculations (since it is the model made of LEGO Digital Designer, and not in real) Norm is equivalent to about nine minifigures, about 36 cm. As I said earlier, the cartoon is quite famous so I think that my idea would be, in my opinion, a great idea for a real set LEGO.

Number of pieces: 514
Height (about): 36 cm
Number of hours spent for its design and construction: 1 hour and 40 minutes.