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Whimsical Car


Hello LEGO fans!


I give you my Whimsical Car. I built this while I was in Las Vegas and bought brand new parts from a nearby LEGO store. This took me about 1 hour of designing and 2 hours of building. It is about 227 LEGO pieces. This is just a little side project that I decided to do. This car includes a trailer, a trunk, four brown seats, and a short windshield. I built this because I hate how LEGO cars don’t all have trunks or trailers for LEGO fans to put their extra LEGO pieces in or LEGO sporting gear, e.g., bike, snowboard, etc. I also built it with pink, green, flowers, and some orange because there aren’t a lot of cars out there that little girls like. When I was younger, I complained to my mom about how LEGO cars don’t have functional trunks, no whimsical colors, or even much functionality. I think that this would make a great LEGO set because it has all the functions of a regular car. For example, it has a trailer that opens at the back, open top for easier playability, opening and closing trunk, and whimsical colors that I think appeal to the eye. Thank you for taking time to read my description and have a look at my pictures! Please let me know if you have any criticism, questions, or suggestions! Help support my LEGO Whimsical Car!

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