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FC-39 FlyWing


A fast and agile machine, the FC-39 Flywing can soar the skies of future Earth and perform spectacular maneuvers unlike any other fighter. Due to its quadrawing design it emulates the dynamics of an airborne insect, proving a worthy adversary to all enemy forces. The compact twin TurboJet engines provide breathtaking power and thrust. For this reason the FC-39 is a top seller for both military and private use. Furthermore the custom color scheme makes it even more desirable to buyers or collectors wishing to own this marvel of engineering.

-Restricted to atmospheric use.

-Can switch from flight mode to landing mode.

-Weapons optional.


Project details:

111 pieces.
Contains the model and one minifigure with a laser pistol.
Price range suggestion:$10-$20.
Sold as one unit.
A series can be made with each set having different color schemes, model names,pilots,decals etc.
Appealing look and great play value.



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Note:This is a resubmission for a project i think can do much better than it did first time round.


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