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Multi-Colored Mini-Truck (One Minifig+Storage Space)


This is a nifty little truck that is the right size to hold a minifigure and a few other supplies. I find that a 3x4 crate fits perfectly in the rear of this vehicle.

Neat things with this set idea:

  • The tail gate opens and will lock at 90 degrees.
  • The studs on the tail fit perfectly between the two sides.
  • This design can come in multiple color schemes.
  • It's small, so it shouldn't turn out to be that expensive.
  • The rear can easily be modified to attach a ball hitch. In fact, I plan on creating another model based on this one, but with a trailer as well.

I plan on adding on to this set idea at some other point with items like a minifig and something to go into the rear. I also plan on releasing a different version of this, with a hitch and trailer.

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