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Lego Cryptid Hunters

This prodject was made by my sons, it is all writen by them.

Cryptid: a species that has not been proven to exist but is belived to. Bigfoot, Yety, ect.

Lego crypted hunters is about a team of three that wants to prove the egistance of crypteds. The crypteds in the sets would be made from bionical parts but every thing elts would be made from regular lego bricks

Here are some set ideas:

Chupecabra attack:
includes 2 chupacabras, all the cripted hunters, a handcart, a villager, and an amimal shack: $35.00

Yeti battle:
includes one yeti, all the crypted hunters, and a helecopter: $20.00

Lizad people chase:
incluses one lizard man, all the crypted hunters, and a motor cycle: $10.00

Loch ness monster:
includes the loch ness monster, a row boat, and 2 crypted hunters: $25.00

krakin attack:
includes a large boat, a kraken, all the crypted hunters: $70.00

These are the three crypted hunters, sam, rose, and josh. The one on the far left is sam, he is the team's camra man. His job is to video tape all the crypteds they find. In the middle is Rose. She is the teams criptizoologist. (Someone who studies cryptes) She studies about the cryptes so they are prepared to catch it. The one on the far right is Josh, he is the teams gunner. His job is to protect the team if the crypteds are to dagerouse.

This is the Chupicabra attack set. In it, the crypted hunters are trying to protect a small town on the coast of Puerto Rico from the dangerouse Chupacabras.

This is the Yeti battle set. The crypted hunters are in the cold himilayas trying to capture the deathly yeti.

This is the Lizard man chase set, In the amazon, the crypted hunters are after the lizard man, one of the less comon known crypteds.

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