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Medieval Inn


Hello! I am back with another medieval build! As I have said before, back in the day, 10193 Medieval Market Village was a remarkably popular set. Nowadays, however, there are few/no similar medieval civilian buildings. With this set I would like to bring back another medieval civilian building, and it will take your support to get it there. :)

Here is my timelapse of the build taking place:

This set is on a 34x46 baseplate and is rougly 1200 pieces and will include 10 minifigs: 4 blue soldiers, 2 farmers, an elderly man, a young adult, and a younger kid.

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Thanks to everyone for supporting, following, commenting, and sharing! Please be watching out for my other projects under the username "TheLordOfBricks", the rest of my builds will be LOTR or Hobbit or Medieval builds! Thanks again! Brick On!

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