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LEGO Alien Conquest Alien Intercepter


The Alien Intercepter is one of the many alien    UFO’s facing off against the ADU. (Alien Defense Force) This nimble and very fast alien craft can keep up with some of the most advanced ADU technology, such as the ADU jet fighter. And it is used primarily to deal with many of the ADU’s jets, which the average UFO just can’t keep up with. I myself created the Alien Intercepter because I have always loved the alien conquest line from LEGO and was so sad when it was discontinued. So I took it upon myself to add the Alien Conquest world and create another fighter for the Alien team. Also I believe this would be a great LEGO set because LEGO has not created a Alien Conquest set in many years and all the  fans will finally have a chance to come back to one of their favorite themes. Furthermore this Alien Intercepter jet is a unique and fun set for everyone to enjoy. This set will include the Alien Intercepter, alien pilot, 1-2 ADU troops, and some accessories.

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