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The Legend of Zelda: Dangoro's Great Roll

Hello there! First, I would like to thank LEGO Cuusoo for giving me this chance. Second, I'd like to get into the project! I created the custom Link minifigure, the custom Dangoro bigfigure, and the platform. Dangoro is the feature of the set. He is a Goron, along with the mini-boss of the second dungeon of Twilight Princess, the Goron Mines.

I also designed the box art. LEGO can tweak anything it wants. I am also proud to announce that there are NO new molds, only new printing. Dangoro fits the mold of the hulk, more or less. The platform rotates on a ball joint piece, identical to the piece LEGO uses as the head of their LEGO Star Wars Dwarf Spider Droid. It allows for a complete rotation. Here's the back of the box:

As you can see, I advertise the Iron Boots. This will be the only way to get Link with Iron Boots printed on his legs. Also, please notice that the Hylian Shield is not a new mold, but new printing. Also, the set includes the Hero's Bow. I also hint at what your strategy should be against Dangoro. The Iron Boots move the platform, tipping Dangoro off the edge and into the lava.

Here's the Link minifigure. The skirt is not a piece, but part of the printing. The hat/hair isn't a mandatory new piece, as just the hat would work if necessary.

If people react well to this set, then I will publish many more. I already have a few created. Next up will probably be Morpheel, the serpent boss at the end of the third dungeon. But that might not happen if I don't get enough supporters! So support and tell your friends! Let's work together to get this published! Thank you!

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