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X-men X-mansion sub levels

This is the x-mansion sub levels. This set includes three iconic locations from the X-men universe including the Danger Room, Cerebro, and the Infirmary.

The Lego x-mansion sub levels feature a three story platform with detachable obstacles such as robotic tentacles, removable balconies, and swing bars. The upper level also features an observation window and war room. In addition there features an infirmary and Cerebro platform. this set should feature several of the x-men of which i have basic ideas for.

Update: I have made a few major modifications to this set. Cerebro has been moved to the side to improve balance. I decided to create a separate war room which features a conference table, display monitors along the walls, and cases housing the original first class uniforms. I have also added decorative elevator doors to the war room as well as the observation level on the top floor.

danger room, infirmary, observation room, Cerebro, and time machine.

war room

Cerebro extending form the side of the set

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