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1930s Hot Rod Custom


This is a 1930s style Hot rod based on a fictional car of my own design.

It is comprised of a mixture of modern and vintage styling elements to give the appearance of a custom 'show car'. The design includes deep dish wheels, Quad exhaust pipes, concealed headlights and many other styling elements to create a striking vehicle which is unlike any other lego model I have seen.

I wanted to create a model in which I didn't compromise my design in an attempt to broaden it's appeal, instead I created exactly the type of Lego set that I would like to buy if I had the opportunity as an experiment, to see how popular this type of model would be.

The set would be a large creator set and would come in at around 800 pieces, as the model is not based on existing intellectual property hopefully the set could be kept below $100.

Thanks for looking!

I will try to reply to all questions and comments.

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