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The Scream

Edvard Munch painted the iconic masterpiece "the Scream" 130 years ago to symbolize his anxiety at that time.

Are you having anxiety in the current world full of uncertainty? 😱
Then, how about blowing anxiety away by having fun building the Scream? 😉

This 2999-piece set depicts the oil paint version of the Scream. The boardwalk is made of a series of wood-pattern tiles. The cliff on the right and the fjord line on the left give the great three-dimensional texture to the background behind the central figure. The central figure is detachable from the frame! You can spin the waist, move the mouth, and furthermore, the skull is hiding the minifigure Edvard Munch!

This set will be fun to build not only for art lovers but also anyone who has seen the emoji 😱🙀
As a funny gift, birthday present, or room decor - I believe this set will give us lots of joy! Take the iconic figure with you and have fun taking photos!
Trivia: Did you know that the central figure is not screaming but hearing the scream?

If you like to bring this set to the real world, please click the support button! 10,000 supporters will take this idea to the next stage. Please share this project with your family and friends to make the Scream a real LEGO set! Feel free to share your feedback in the comment tab.

Thank you!

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