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Hardware Store (Mark IV)

Another day, another hardware store.
The building style is based on Federation era building (early 20th century) plus some inspiration from 2008 Town Plan.
Lego City has been missing humble retail stores of all sort, this particular model could made to serve in City or Modular ranges.

On display, painting accessories and lawn mower if you need a key cut there is a cutting machine by the front counter.
The counter uses a 2x3 cupboard with a single drawer.

Hardware fixtures and plumbing parts....including toilet seats on the gondola.
Stickers applied to tiles would act as merchandise hanging on the wall like just like real merchandise hangs on peg board in a real hardware store.
Updated image includes a paint tinting machine.

Set pricing would see this in the 49 to 79 dollar AU range (25 to 40 dollars US), two tool wheels are required, in fact two of everything that would be merchandise on display. Tiled ceiling would add maybe another 20 to 30 dollars AU to the price.

Edit - you could use the same blue and white for Mica in the U.K. or red and white for True Value in the U.S.A. - using also the correct coloured logos and merchandise stickers.
Also this could be made into a modular design if Lego wished as well.

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