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City Billboards: Classic Space and LEGO Technic

In the spirit of the new "LEGO XTRA" theme released earlier this year, I would like to suggest a LEGO billboard set. Billboards are a great way to add unique flair and character to any LEGO city or diorama, so I decided to create a couple billboards depicting the logos of classic LEGO themes, in order to make something that all LEGO fans can appreciate.
Over the years, I have always been fascinated by brick-built mosaics displayed online or at the LEGO store. In a sense, it's interesting to see 3-dimensional LEGO elements used to depict 2D patterns and images. "Drawing" with LEGO is a useful way to make your own 2D designs, without resorting to custom printing or stickers, and presents some unique challenges. For instance, without using any printed bricks, it becomes very difficult to create small details without scaling up your creation. I figured that city billboards are a good compromise between detail and scale.
Surprisingly, one of the most difficult components of this creation was the frame. I wanted to display one board on each side of it, but at a slight angle to make it more interesting. This introduced a few geometrical and structural challenges, but from the attached Studio files, you can see that there is no illegal connections or stressing of the elements.
So far, I'm really enjoying creating these billboards, so keep an eye out for more designs, and feel free to make suggestions in the comments!
Part Count: Classic Space board (125), Technic board (141), frame and stand (189)

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