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The Medieval Bakery


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I present the project of a Medieval Bakery.

The building consists of :
- The first floor where the oven is located, the baker's workplace where he makes delicious baked goods and various things to help him with his needs.
- An attic floor where you will find all the things you need for your daily life. 

The roof and the second floor are removable.

Next to the entrance is a stall where the baker's wife sells fresh baked goods. 
Near the wood storeroom, a cherry tree is in bloom, where birds nest in its branches and below in its shadow toadstools grow. 
Pumpkins grow at the back of the building.

I have decided to add some valuable additions that will bring more playability and opportunities to be creative.

It has been added:
-a cart with a horse and a peasant riding from the mill with sacks of flour
-two Falcon knights 
-one of Wolf's men
-equipment on the first floor

Includes 6 minifigures, a dog, a 2 chicken, a rooster and horse.

The set consists of 2808 pieces.

Height: 24 cm / 9.4 in
Width: 36 cm / 14.2 in
Depth: 28 cm / 11 in


You can see the whole thing here: 

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