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Ra's Al Ghul Wayne Manor Infiltration



Batman is back in my all new project, Ra's Al Ghul Wayne Manor Infiltration. In this set Ra's Al Ghul has broken into Wayne Manor looking for the rare crystal to power his Lazarus pit. However Ra's hasn't come alone he brought along Hush and Killer Croc to help bring the mansion to ashes. Quickly switch from Bruce Wayne to Batman and save Alfred from the rouges. Finally stop Ra's from powering up his Lazarus pit before he becomes unstoppable.

This set features six figures

Batman, Bruce Wayne (New Design), Alfred, Hush, Killer Croc, and Ra's Al Ghul.

It has many features such as an entrance to the bat cave, bat launcher, exploding window, secret wall that reveals the Batsuit, collapsing chandelier, and a glow in the dark Lazarus pit. Many rooms are included in the set such as the study, the museum, the grand entrance, Bruce Wayne's bedroom, and the library. It also includes a grapnel gun which you can attach to higher points to swing to safety.


About the designer:

The designer of this set is DC fanboy J.C. Campbell. I have been working on this set since August 2013 and worked hard to get this set ready. Unfortunately in October that year when I tried to post the project and discovered I had to be at least 18 years old to submit a project. Thankfully now Lego Ideas allows you to submit a project if you under 18 years old and I am finally able to post my project. I remember first seeing Wayne Manor in the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman Movie and seeing how massive it is. Then in 2006 with the Christian Bale Batman Begins I started to see the exciting things that happen at the manor. I then thought to myself in July 2013 " They made an Arkham Asylum lego set and a Batcave lego set, what if they made a Wayne Manor lego set?" I then went straight to designing the current model you see now. I grabbed a big bunch of lego from my collection of sets and set them in front of me. I went online to learn the history of Wayne Manor and find different variations I could use to base my model on.



The first thing I designed on the set were the minifigs. At the time I only had the one version of Batman from TDKR and I decided just to use that version. For Bruce Wayne I used the same head as in the Batcave set but I used an exclusive torso and leg print (can you guys guess what it is from?). Alfred was less tricky, in the video game Alfred is presented with no hair however I prefer the hair on him as it also  allows for a two sided face. Killer Croc wasn't as tricky because I used the actual original head and torso from the 2006 version. I just swapped out his legs to prison orange and put a handcuff on his one arm to make it look like he broke out. Hush was difficult, I wanted to give him the trench coat but that would require a new fabric piece and be extremely annoying for me. Ra's Al Ghul was the most difficult to make, I tried to make him look more mysterious and muscled instead of the video game version where he looked completely muscled. I really wanted to include Ra's as he is the only well known Batman villain that has not been in a set so far.



How many pieces does this set have?:

Honestly I don't know. I really don't want to take the time to count that many pieces. Anyways if it gets accepted to become a set the piece count will change. However my guess would be around 750 pieces.


Can you put in ______?

Maybe if it is a really good idea that I see would be beneficial to the set. However I will not change the figures.


HEY! didn't you copy Assault on Wayne Manor by Darthky?:

In a simple answer no. I had originally started on this set In August 2013, and when it came time to post it I was considered too young. I am now posting this set as I am finally able to. Darthky designed his set to be more modular/detailed and in the end produced a great high end set. I made my set more functional and accessible to everyone. Just because we both made a set based on the same general location goes to prove that great minds think alike!.


Can you sell me parts/figures?:

Sorry these are all my personal collection, so no.


Can you give me instructions to build this?:

That would require a lot of my personal time to make and I am a rather busy fellow, however you can try to build it based on the pictures. (Use your imagination and try to make a better Wayne Manor then mine,)


Why is your profile picture a Turtle?

She is my pet Tortoise, Terry!!


Please leave more questions in the comments. Nothing rude.


Finally I would like to thank Ssorg for supporting me and my project. So please everyone go check him out when you are done here.

Remember to share this project everywhere, Facebook, Twiiter, Youtube, share it so we can gain more supporters.

Please support my project and together we can bring this set into reality!!!

Thanks, J.C. Campbell



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