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2 in 1 - Coffeehouse and Art


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My project shows a building that houses a cafe and an art gallery at the same time. In addition, the art workshop of the cafe owner, who is also an artist, is on the first floor, and her works are admired by the guests of the cafe on the ground floor. There is a relaxation area on the roof with a swimming pool.
Project includes 7 minifigures: an artist, mom, dad, daughter, son, waiter and cashier.

I built this model because I found it to be an interesting combination of three different places that could interest people with different tastes.

I believe that the idea would be a good LEGO set, as it serves both a display function and is suitable for play (the back walls are opened and the individual segments are easy to detach, which makes it easier to access the interior).
I hope you like it :).

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